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Tadela Fente - New Song Dedicated to Dr Ambachew Mekonnen


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My aim isn't to recover or denounce the substance of the ongoing board dialogs, or the new choices displayed by the specialists. I have heard different conclusions, both for and against. Or maybe, I need to censure the back-and-forth on a bunch of talks which have been lectured by tip-top gatherings as unapproachable structures. Absolutism incited a bunch of confounded ideas encircled inside oppositely contradicting points of view. Many years of such ridiculous depictions of the nation, including how it appeared and how it can profit its kin, have made "zombies" elements who basically need to acknowledge Ethiopia as-is as opposed to something that they can consult among themselves and reproduce as per their wants and needs. It has prompted supernatural quality and taboos.

We have those that truly accept 'Ethiopianism' is a "magical idea." in all actuality, 'Ethiopianism' is the genuine socio-political communication of its kin. As the necessities and aspirations of the individuals develop, so ought to the socio-political framework. I think it is time Ethiopians understand that our nation is much the same as some other nation on the planet that has gone through epic human progress, ruin, geographic development and scaling down. Neither the Roman realm nor the Greeks or the Ottoman Turks currently control their old kingdoms. They have changed with time and have acclimated to worldwide substances. Moreover, contemporary Ethiopian isn't the Axumite or Abyssinian kingdom. At the point when the nation is introduced to the new age as a supernatural idea and interesting ideal world that is unapproachable, we close the entryways for exchange, discussion, and innovativeness. Our progenitors, jumpy by the dread of the obscure "other world," banned Ethiopia from the remainder of the world and hauled it into lack of clarity.

While the remainder of the world advances, Ethiopia has been submerged into a horrible inner power deal. The present accounts appear to recommend the equivalent. The individuals who raise various thoughts are given names and seen as foes of the nation and its solidarity, or the nation's old history. I see even instructed countrymen shivering after hearing thoughts they don't feel great with. Today, the principal thing Ethiopians need to become acclimated to is new thoughts. We recall how frightened we were at the idea of Ethiopia without Eritrea. Eritrea got its autonomy Ethiopia still exists. Unreasonable dread is the exact opposite thing Ethiopians need right now.

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