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Experience Sharing on Development Response to Displacement Impact Projects Concludes

Refuges impact response experience sharing has been held among Ethiopia, Nigeria and Zambia through Development response to displacement impacts project (DRDIP). Ethiopia hosts the experience sharing in Axum, Tigray region. The experience sharing program was commencing since 3 June 2019.

Ministry of Agriculture extension director, General Mr. Germame Garuma addressed a warm Ethiopian welcome for Nigerian and Zambia delegates as opening the program officially. The director general on his opening speech said Ethiopia hosts the largest population of refuges in the horn of Africa next to Uganda because of droughts, conflicts, political crises and civil wars from neighboring countries of Somalia, Eritea and South Sudan.

According to him, currently more than 9 hundred thousand refugees are distributed across the Ethiopia. The horn of Africa collectively hosts more than 9.5 million displaced people, Mr. Germame Garuma added.

DRDIP Coordinator Mr. Nigatu Bogale said in his part the project has been performing remarkable achievements with in short period of time.
An explanation was offered about Ethiopia Culture, language, heritage and political situation by the World Bank Ethiopia delegate.

Implementation reports and best practices on refuges impact response were presented by the three countries and discussed upon.
DRDIP works found around Axum including farmers’ and semi-pastoralist training center (FTC) were visited. (Ministry of Agriculture)

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